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Migraines affect millions of people but are still, according to Scientific American, "one of the most misunderstood, poorly recognized and inadequately treated medical disorders."

Awareness is crucial—not just of the debilitating nature of migraines, but also of the poor current state of diagnosis and treatment. There are countless medications and home remedies promoted as effective migraine cures, but the unfortunate truth is that there is still a long ways to go when it comes to accurately diagnosing and consistently treating migraines.

4 Things Most People Don't Know About Chronic Migraines4 Things Most People Don't Know About Chronic MigrainesSpread the awareness—click to share on Facebook!


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John Harris
John Harris
John Harris has been CEO of Dental Resource Systems, the parent company of TruDenta, since 2011. He is committed to providing accessible nationwide relief for patients suffering from chronic migraines and other TMJ-related symptoms.
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