How to Properly Document Dental Services for Medical Reimbursement

When it comes to medical reimbursement, documentation is necessary. In order to be reimbursed for the time you spend with your patients, that time must be carefully documented—and it’s absolutely critical that it’s done correctly. Medical reimbursement documentation is always challenging, but it can be especially meticulous for dental practices.

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Top 5 Questions Dental Professionals Have About TruDenta

You’ve heard about TruDenta’s life-changing approach to dentistry, but you’re still somewhat hesitant to move forward with the system. As with any investment, you probably have some questions. Your practice is your livelihood—you’re not just going to blindly invest in a new treatment system. With that in mind, we figured we would answer the top five questions dental professionals have about investing in TruDenta.

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Top 3 Reasons Why Doctors Fail with TruDenta

There are many successful dental practices that provide TruDenta. In fact, out of hundreds of TruDenta providers, nearly all have seen the life-changing results the system brings and can’t imagine practicing without it. With that said, you get back what you put in. In other words, TruDenta success is entirely dependent on how much effort you put in.

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What is Dedicated Sleep and How Can Your Dental Practice Utilize It?

You want to help as many patients at your dental practice as possible—but in some cases, it can certainly be challenging. With limited reimbursement options, it’s difficult for dental professionals to have the sustainability to continue care, and patients often have to say no to medically necessary dentistry treatments because of the cost. 

But that all changes now, with the new Dedicated Sleep partner program at TruDenta.

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The NEW TruDenta: Now Offering Dedicated Sleep and Medical Reimbursement for Your Practice

This just in: The NEW TruDenta is here, and we want to tell you all about it. In this article, we’ll share important information about our brand-new dedicated sleep and medical reimbursement offering, as well as what it means for your practice and your patients. We’ll also cover the differences between the old and new systems and highlight how the new TruDenta allows you to build on your already-thriving business.

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What is Medically Necessary Dentistry and How Can It Help My Practice?

If you ask most dentists why they went into dentistry, the majority will say the same thing: to help people. And that’s exactly what medically necessary dentistry does. 

Many dentists might not know much (if anything) about medically necessary dentistry, including that it can be a completely life-changing treatment option for patients with chronic pain. We’ll review what medically necessary dentistry is, in what way it changes lives, and how it can help you take your dental practice to the next level.

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3 Ways Your Dental Practice Can Stand out from Others in 2019

Are you the go-to dentist in your area?

The American Dental Association reported that, as of 2017, there were 198,517 dentists in the United States, and there are more entering the industry each year. With the potential of growing competition around you, it’s important that you find ways to set your business apart from other dental practices nearby.

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The Lowly Business Card is Your #1 Marketing Tool

At TruDenta, all of our doctors have access to our marketing materials portal. Here they can choose from a wide range of marketing tools that can be customized for their practice. These range from TV commercial footage, radio scripts, brochures, PowerPoint group presentations, videos, and most importantly: the lowly business card.

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Prospects v. Patients: Why Follow Up is Everything

In our business of attracting new doctors to try TruDenta, we persistently and periodically follow up via telephone calls, email, snail mail, etc...People have a short attention span and something you consider today, may be long forgotten tomorrow. But when you do finally decide it is time to do something new and good for your patients, we want to be “top of mind." Some new TruDenta doctors make a decision to try it in a day and others may take years for them to be ready to implement something new and exciting. Timing is everything.

The same is true with new patients, timing is everything!

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Say Thanks for Referrals


Although not a dentist, like you I read all of the dental journals I can get my hands on to discover pearls of marketing wisdom to share with TruDenta doctors. In perusing this month’s issue of Dental Economics, in an article called

Preventive Practice Management, they urge doctors to review DAILY the “Referred by Patient Report”. The quicker you can thank your patients for their referrals, the better off you are. Why? Well it’s simple. Gratitude is the currency of life. Most of your patients don’t receive enough gratitude in their lives. Set yourself apart from the pack and send them a simple letter the same day.”

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