What is Medically Necessary Dentistry and How Can It Help My Practice?

If you ask most dentists why they went into dentistry, the majority will say the same thing: to help people. And that’s exactly what medically necessary dentistry does. 

Many dentists might not know much (if anything) about medically necessary dentistry, including that it can be a completely life-changing treatment option for patients with chronic pain. We’ll review what medically necessary dentistry is, in what way it changes lives, and how it can help you take your dental practice to the next level.

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3 Ways Your Dental Practice Can Stand out from Others in 2019

Are you the go-to dentist in your area?

The American Dental Association reported that, as of 2017, there were 198,517 dentists in the United States, and there are more entering the industry each year. With the potential of growing competition around you, it’s important that you find ways to set your business apart from other dental practices nearby.

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The Lowly Business Card is Your #1 Marketing Tool

At TruDenta, all of our doctors have access to our marketing materials portal. Here they can choose from a wide range of marketing tools that can be customized for their practice. These range from TV commercial footage, radio scripts, brochures, PowerPoint group presentations, videos, and most importantly: the lowly business card.

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Prospects v. Patients: Why Follow Up is Everything

In our business of attracting new doctors to try TruDenta, we persistently and periodically follow up via telephone calls, email, snail mail, etc...People have a short attention span and something you consider today, may be long forgotten tomorrow. But when you do finally decide it is time to do something new and good for your patients, we want to be “top of mind." Some new TruDenta doctors make a decision to try it in a day and others may take years for them to be ready to implement something new and exciting. Timing is everything.

The same is true with new patients, timing is everything!

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Say Thanks for Referrals


Although not a dentist, like you I read all of the dental journals I can get my hands on to discover pearls of marketing wisdom to share with TruDenta doctors. In perusing this month’s issue of Dental Economics, in an article called

Preventive Practice Management, they urge doctors to review DAILY the “Referred by Patient Report”. The quicker you can thank your patients for their referrals, the better off you are. Why? Well it’s simple. Gratitude is the currency of life. Most of your patients don’t receive enough gratitude in their lives. Set yourself apart from the pack and send them a simple letter the same day.”

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Why Email is a Doctor's Most Powerful Marketing Tool


Regular readers of my missives will know that my #1 most recommended marketing strategies are FREE. Whether it is FREE local media coverage or FREE conversations with current patients about your new services, FREE marketing is often the most powerful thing you can do to grow your practice.

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Local Media Coverage


One of the most underused FREE marketing tools available to any dentist or orthodontist is the local media. Whether you are covered by websites, local magazine/ newspapers, radio and even television, local media is eager to cover stories about anything unique in their community.

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Is Your Brand Unique and Different?


Below is an excerpt from a blog for dental labs. I think they nailed what branding for a dentist is… with the key being… how are you different from every other dentist in your area? Differentiation is critical if you want to rise above the pack. What do YOU do that is different, special, unique and worth talking about? And they mention “offering people what they REALLY want.” A little hint: based on Google searches, they want headache relief about 20X as they want cosmetic dentistry or orthodontics. Are you providing what patients REALLY want?

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Dental Office Hold Music


Our society is obsessed with music! Some doctors have music on hold and most seem to have it playing throughout their offices all day. I was in my dentist office last week and was a little disappointed with their musical selection. I am sure there are many different musical tastes represented in that six chair office during my visit and I would guess no one was completely happy with what they heard. But here is a compromise for all…

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Leader or Follower? Pioneer or Settler?


Two of the leading North American dental publications this month have cover story articles on the correct usage of non-opioid analgesics. (OralHealth from Canada and Inside Dentistry in the U.S.). While I would hope that most dentists and orthodontists already know how to direct the usage of over the counter medications to reduce pain, I guess it is nice to be reminded. Or is this a subtle commentary on the state of dentistry?

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