The TruDenta Process

Our FDA-cleared therapies provide pain relief for new and existing patients with sleep apnea, chronic migraines and headaches, tinnitus, and other neck/jaw pain. 

Why Provide TruDenta
The TruDenta Process
Hear from TruDenta Doctors

Hear from TruDenta Doctors

Hear directly from TruDenta providers how the system has improved their revenue and increased their scope of practice.

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Get Medical Reimbursement

By providing TruDenta and joining our medical specialty network option, you can increase your medical reimbursement rates. 

Receive Medical Reimbursement
Get Medical Reimbursement
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Reap ROI with Your Investment

Dental practices that provide TruDenta see nearly 389 percent in return on investment and $1,500 per hour for doctor chair time. 

See ROI with TruDenta

Treat New and Existing Patients

Attract new patients to your practice by offering TruDenta while offering TruDenta to existing patients that are suffering from neck and jaw pain.  

Treat Your Patients
Treat New and Existing Patients
Enhance Your Orthodontic Practice

Enhance Your Orthodontic Practice

Orthodontists that provide TruDenta care often pay back their investment in 90 days, with case acceptance rate of more than 90 percent.

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What Our Patients Say

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“I feel a lot better. My life has improved so much because I’m not hindered by headaches or migraines. I get to fully enjoy the things that I like to do.”
“I was a little bit skeptical because I used to take everything under the sun… nothing seemed to work to treat my migraine pain, so I decided to do it. Now that I have done it, I feel great… oh my god it feels amazing.”
"I didn't know that there was an option to fix it without maybe a lot of money and reconstructive surgery."

What Our Doctors Say

View All Doctor Testimonials
“If you have a heart for people, you want to institute this into your practice because this is a way of helping more people than you have ever helped before.”
Dr. L. V.
“It sets us apart from every other dentist."
Dr. H.
"The number of people who have these issues is astounding to me. We weren't taught this in dental school, or anywhere else."
Dr. C. M.