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Change lives and transform your practice

TruDenta now offers a new Medical Specialty Network option. This plan now includes more reimbursement to the practice, a lower deductible for patients, and direct medical oversight from specialty physicians.

TruDenta’s patented system of diagnosis and therapy methodologies enables dentists to:

  • Confidently diagnose patients suffering from TMJ issues
  • Completely resolve their accompanying symptoms of headache, jaw/face pain, tinnitus, and vertigo.  

It’s not just a whole new area of care for your practice — the TruDenta system benefits existing patients as well:

  • Cutting edge pain relief makes regular appointments more pleasant
  • Restoration of normal jaw muscle function makes your dental work longer lasting and more effective.

Being able to diagnose and treat these conditions with TruDenta will grant you in-network access to the 4 major medical insurance companies as part of a Medical Specialty Network.

  • Receive payments through your patients medical insurance plan instead of cash upfront or medical billing.

  • Low deductible for patients- meaning less risk for dentists.
    2-3 times higher reimbursement rates.

  • Direct medical oversight from specialty physicians, allowing greater treatment scope and protection for the dentist performing medically necessary dentistry.

  • Immediate access and implementation for licensed physicians in all 50 states.

The complexity of TMJ-related symptoms means that many potential patients with dental imbalances go untreated or misdiagnosed, often for years — with our diagnosis and treatment system you can change their lives and transform your practice.


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