TruDenta Detailed Brochure
Thank you for your interest in TruDenta and for striving to provide the best care for your patients. This 12-page, full color brochure contains detailed information, including:

• Free in-office, no investment trial
• A complete system including equipment, education, training, implementation and marketing support
• Diagnostic procedures produce data which is compliant to AMA guidelines
• Referrals from the local healthcare community
• Clinical training is Pace® accredited
• $5000+/- Cases complete and pay in 12 weeks or less
• Differentiate your practice from the competition
• Offer a treatment option needed by 80 million Americans
• Exclusive territory agreement
• A new profit center and marketing tool
• A custom website dedicated to your TruDenta capabilities
• Free graphic design and testimonial video editing services
• 100% Financing
• 100% Tax deductibility
• 100% Money back success guarantee
• 24/7 Support
• 35 CE
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“I would lose days being stuck in bed with severe migraine headaches...I couldn’t talk; I couldn't read out loud to my children without my jaw seizing. The most relief I’ve had in over 10 years I have experienced in the last 6 to 7 weeks after starting this [TruDenta] treatment.”



“We went and did CT scans, we saw specialists, you name it, we did it...we heard everything from ‘it’s anxiety; she’ll grow out of it’ to ‘don’t worry about it; just give her Tylenol.’ After the second visit of [TruDenta] therapy, I had no more headaches — I would do this 100 times over because it has been amazing.”