In this on-demand webinar by Mark W. Montgomery, DMD, you’ll understand how unbalanced or overloaded muscle forces relate to sensorimotor and somatosensory proprioceptive or nociceptive physiology.

Dr. Montgomery will:

  • Describe how force-related dental disease affects the head, orofacial, and dentomandibular areas.
  • Explain how force-related dental disease is determined by the manner in which abnormal forces are managed, sensed, and adapted to.
  • Discuss characteristics of force-balanced occlusion, including muscle and joint symmetry, normal function range of motion, and control of proprioceptive feedback loops.
  • Identify the assessment and treatment modalities in a systematic approach to establishing force-balanced occlusion.

You’ll also learn how this knowledge can be implemented in your business to improve your scope of practice.

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