In this exciting, one-hour webinar, you will hear Ron Ritsco, DMD, discuss his first two years of providing TruDenta care. He calls it the “foundation for all successful dentistry” and shares why he enjoys providing TruDenta care.

Dr. Ritsco’s success story includes:

  • $276,000 in care collections in the first 18 months.
  • An additional $300,000+ in dentistry from new TruDenta patients.
  • A 97 percent success rate with more than 80 patients.
  • The methods he employed to receive about 50 percent of his new TruDenta patients from medical doctor referrals.
  • The percentage of patients for which medical insurance paid for TruDenta.

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““I would lose days being stuck in bed with severe migraine headaches...I couldn’t talk; I couldn't read out loud to my children without my jaw seizing. The most relief I’ve had in over 10 years I have experienced in the last 6 to 7 weeks after starting this [TruDenta] treatment.”


“We went and did CT scans, we saw specialists, you name it, we did it...we heard everything from ‘it’s anxiety; she’ll grow out of it’ to ‘don’t worry about it; just give her Tylenol.’ After the second visit of [TruDenta] therapy, I had no more headaches — I would do this 100 times over because it has been amazing.”