What Causes Chronic Migraines?

Migraine Diary

There is No Single Trigger

Some headache or migraine sufferers are able to pinpoint external factors that contribute to their head pain — it might be alcohol, or caffeine, or hormonal changes. Stress, medications, certain foods, changes in routine or environment are also common triggers. It helps to keep a headache diary.

It Might Be Your Jaw's Fault

  • The human bite can generate over 260 pounds of force at the molars, and unless this pressure is perfectly balanced it can throw the delicate balance of the jaw’s muscles, tendons, nerves, and ligaments into disarray.
  • Any imbalances in the bite can cause nerve pain that manifests in the neck, face, or head, even if your jaw itself feels fine.
Jaw Imbalance
Factors Causing Jaw Imbalance

How Did This Happen?


  • Stress is an important factor — it frequently increases muscle tension in the jaw, which creates imbalances over time
  • Any kind of physical trauma
  • Dental work, orthodontics
  • Any quirk in your eating habits or grinding of the teeth
  • Or it might just be time — your mouth and jaw are made up of living tissue, and can shift as you age

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